Update – 12/30/2006

After a brief spike in Hannah’s heart rate early this morning, it has come down to the 130-160 range for most of the day.  She didn’t really sleep that much last night, but she slept a lot today.  Last night she was a little dehydrated, so they left her on the IV fluids for about 8 hours longer as they raised the formula levels.  She is back up to 24cc’s per hour of formula, completely off of IV fluids.  Her voice has still not fully returned, so she makes little squeaks (which are REALLY cute)!  Her throat is still a little sore — she won’t even take her pacifier, probably because it still hurts to suck on anything.  She is getting breathing treatments daily, and is doing beautifully off the vent!  Praise God!  He is SO faithful!  Every day that passes, we see another little piece of the miracle that He is working in her life!

An ultrasound yesterday indicated a little more improvement in her heart function, although according to the cardiologist, the numbers are somewhat subjective. We’re waiting to talk to a geneticist, who will discuss the possibility of a Carnitine deficiency.

Overall, it’s been a really good day, and Hannah keeps looking better and better!  We have been able to hold her every night, which is such an incredible blessing!  Please continue to pray that God would restore her heart to His original design!  We enjoy reading your guestbook messages and emails every day.  It is so amazing to see how many prayers worldwide are being lifted up for her!  Thank you so much for continuing to bless our lives!  Your prayers and God’s grace give us the strength to make it through each day.

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