Update – 12/29/2006

They did another ultrasound this morning, but we’re still waiting to speak to the cardiologist.  Hannah has been coughing up more stuff from her lungs, which is really good.  Her heart rate has been a little higher today, but they expected that it would climb a little bit now that she’s off the vent.  She is scheduled to start formula again at 6pm.  They will start her out slow, along with IV fluids, and then gradually increase the formula and decrease the IV fluids until she’s taking 24cc’s of formula per hour.  It’s so awesome to hear all the little sounds she makes again, even though she’s a little hoarse from the breathing tube.

We think they listed her for a heart transplant today.  Please continue to pray that she will not need this transplant, and that God would astound everybody with a full recovery.  We are standing on God’s word, claiming the victory that has already been won at the cross.  Praise God!  He has a perfect plan for her life, and He is in control of this situation — no matter what the ultrasounds and heart caths say!

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