A VERY Merry Christmas in 2007!

December 15th marked the one year anniversary that Hannah was diagnosed with her heart condition and entered the hospital. Her first Christmas in 2006 was spent in a hospital bed on a ventilator, and the possibility of a heart transplant loomed overhead. If only we could have peered into the future then and seen where she would be just one year later. What a joy it was to spend the holidays at home this year! A normal Christmas with a decorated tree, presents, family, and lots of food, but best of all was a happy little Hannah right in the middle of everything. That was definitely the best gift we received. It was impossible to ignore the thoughts of the many children spending the holidays in the hospital, and we will always remember them and their families in our prayers at Christmas time. The “miracle” of Christmas has a whole new meaning for us, for each year we will celebrate the birth of our Savior as well as the miracle of Hannah’s healing. We will never take the simple pleasures in life for granted. It is because of God’s grace and Jesus’s stripes that Hannah is where she is today. She has come so far in one year and we know she will continue to do so in 2008. In the new year we anticipate her coming off all medication in April and know that God will continue to have His hand on her during that transition. Thank you for continuing to check in on us and for remembering Hannah in your prayers. We are amazed by the multitudes that have been touched by her story and will continue to tell it to offer others hope. God DOES answer prayer and He DOES heal the sick. Hannah’s proof! Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

Lori & Greg