My Life As 9

Hi. I am Hannah. This is not my Dad writing. It is actually me, Hannah. My birthday is in almost 6 months. I will be 10 years old. Double digits!! 😃😃

I go to St Luke’s Episcopal Day School. I’m in the 4th grade. My favorite class is Art in school. We draw, paint, and do other art projects, like charcoal pictures. I have an iPad mini, which I got when I was 6 years old from Santa Claus.

I also LOVE to read. My favorite book series is the DORK DIARIES books. They are all about this girl named Nikki Maxwell and her life at a new school, her crush Brandon and her, her sister Brianna, her family, and the bully named Mackenzie Hollister at her school. Nikki goes on a lot of adventures with her BFF’s Chloe and Zoey.

My two favorite stuffed animals are Frog Friend and Bunny. I can’t sleep without them! I got Bunny from my Mom and Frog Friend from my Mimi. I got both of them and named them when I was a baby.

I love gymnastics and take a class every Tuesday night at 6:00pm. That is my favorite sport. I love collecting things like My Little Pony figures, and Shopkins. Shopkins are these little figures of things that you can find in the grocery store, a shoe shop, a hat shop, or around your home, like a phone or a blender.

Anyway, I am glad I was born with a special heart and that I have a website of my very own where my Dad posts updates every now and then. Thank you to everyone for praying for me and my family constantly. I really appreciate it.


Hannah ❤️❤️



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