Update – 6/25/2007

Hannah’s heart is still doing wonderful! Last week she woke up a LOT every night, so we took her to her pediatrician and cardiologist just to make absoultely sure there was nothing wrong. They both assured us nothing was wrong and told us how awesome she looks and sounds! Her heart function continues to be perfectly normal, even though she’s off several meds, and her cardiologist even decreased her main heart med! The only slight concern was her weight, which was about 15 pounds 6 ounces. She’s off the chart now, so her pediatrician suggested we see a pediatric nutritionist to see if we can increase her caloric intake.We are very excited about this because Hannah is such a picky eater! She does great with her formula, but the only table foods she likes are Cheerios, toast, green beans, and chicken or turkey sticks. She loves fruit juice, but she will NOT eat fruit. So hopefully they will have some good ideas on how to get her to eat more. We also had to get some bloodwork done, and her results showed that everything was fine except two liver enzymes and one muscle enzyme were a little elevated. We’re waiting to hear from her cardiologist what he thinks about this. Hopefully it is normal considering the medication that she’s on. Lately Hannah has been sleeping much better at night, and we recently discovered another new tooth coming in, so that may explain the wakings last week. Continue to pray for no side effects from the meds and that her arrythmia will go away on its own.We are believing it will happen! God is faithful!

Update – 6/11/2007

Holter Monitor Results are in–

Completely normal rhythm! Not even a single abnormal beat! Wow!

We continue to stand amazed at the wonderful ways God has touched Hannah’s heart and our lives in the past few months.

The LPCF tennis tournament fundraiser was a HUGE success- we raised over $55,000 to help needy families of children suffering with heart disease or defects. Special thanks to Lori’s brother Brian for playing in the tournament, and our favorite sponsors, Funchess, Mills, White, & Co, and Orgain, Bell, & Tucker LLP. We are already looking forward to next year!