Update – 8/26/2007

Wow, we are so amazed at the number of people who are still praying for Hannah!  The recent updates regarding signs posted in Texas simply blew us away.  We have no idea who put them up, but thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who is rallying prayer for our little girl!  These signs are the beginning of Hannah’s powerful testimony that God is still scripting, telling the world that He is still in the miracle business!

According to her cardiologist, Hannah looks marvelous!  Her last checkup was in the beginning of this month, and he told us to come back in late October for our next appointment!  Three whole months without seeing a doctor, WOW!!!  We are so thankful that she has been able to gain (and sustain) weight.  A month ago, she was still “off the charts”, but she is eating like a piglet and steadily gaining weight.  Two weeks ago she weighed 17 lbs 2 oz, and according to our scale at home, she now weighs close to 18 lbs!  But the BIGGEST news is that SHE IS WALKING!!!  It’s so funny to see this little bitty girl just stand up and take off!  She really looks too little to be walking.  It’s by far the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!  Our cardiologist told us that the average age for heart babies to begin walking is around 15 months, so she even beat that estimate by two months!

Since Hannah is on chronic Amiodarone medication, there is a risk of corneal deposits.  We took her to see a pediatric opthamologist, and at this point her eyes look completely normal!  We will follow up in January for more tests.

It has been so wonderful to live completely normal lives for the past 4 months — no hospital visits, and completely normal doctor visits.  So we continue to pray every single day that her arrhythmia will go away completely on its own.  January will be the big test, when her cardiologist will start to wean her from the Amiodarone.  Since the half life of Amiodarone is 90 days, it will take a few months for her body to completely metabolize the medication she’s already received, so we probably won’t know anything certain until closer to April.  In the interim, I’m sure there will be MANY holter monitors and EKG’s to make sure nothing is going wrong.

Again, we want to thank everyone for the continued prayers, website visits and guest book entries.  We apologize for not updating in so long.  It’s been really incredible spending normal, quality time with our little miracle.  Updated pictures are coming soon, we promise!!!