January 2016 – Where has the time gone!

My goodness, how time has flown.  It has been a little over four years since our last update, but I am happy to report that Hannah is still doing marvelous!  Hannah is now 9 years old and THRIVING in every aspect of her life.  She has grown into an active, smart, self-motivated, and absolutely hilarious kid!

Hannah is super organized, and loves everything to be in its place (she did NOT get that from me).  She LOVES to collect things, from mini-figurines to rocks and cards.  Her latest craze is collecting Shopkins, which… don’t get me started on those things.  I just wish I would have been the one to invent these silly “grocery people” that probably cost about $0.00001 to make, yet sell for $3 per blind bag.  She also loves building things, from virtual Minecraft worlds and Lego sets to small sewing projects.

Hannah is a very hard worker, putting her schoolwork first.  She consistently brings home straight A’s on her report cards.  She is really into gymnastics, and anywhere she goes she is doing handstands, cartwheels, and front handsprings.  She is also quite capable of being an avid runner.  Twice a year her class participates in a mile run at her school, and I always tag along and run with her.  We always say that we’re going to “train” for the run, and of course, that means we run a little bit the night before (probably not the best training regimen).  The last time we “trained,” we ended up jogging almost 2 miles without stopping.  Needless to say, we were both incredibly sore the next morning and didn’t do nearly as well in the mile run.  But we did complete it under 12 minutes, which I think is pretty awesome.

In terms of her heart condition, Hannah still has AET (ectopic atrial tachycardia), but it is being managed very well with Flecainide and Propranolol.  She has no physical limitations of any kind, and as I’ve described, she is quite active!  She takes her medicine like a champ, and loves to assist the nurses whenever we go in for her annual checkups at the cardiologist’s office.  Our last post mentioned a possible meeting with the electrophysiology team at Ochsner, but that never happened.  I honestly think we’re still in the “it’s not broke, don’t fix it” phase of managing Hannah’s arrhythmia, and we are very content with that.  This little concoction of meds has been fantastic with no side effects, so if Dr. Brumund is happy, we’re happy.

I’m in the process of getting the website going again after switching hosting providers, and by now the website was in desperate need of a new look.  The main headline of the old website was “Expecting a Miracle.”  Of course, we know that we have received it and we thank God every single day for healing our precious daughter!  I thought it was time to revive the website and transition it into a testimonial site to show off what God has done for us, and to give hope for others going through a similar situation.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding more pictures, and maybe I can even convince Hannah to help with the blogging duties!

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the prayers you have offered for Hannah and our family.

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