Last week Hannah had her appointment with her pediatrician. We were excited to find out that she now weighs 18 pounds, 2 1/2 ounces. That finally puts her on the chart for weight at the 5th percentile. So, she continues to be tiny! Her height is now 29″ which is in the 20-25th percentile. Her doctor was pleased, and we believe she is right where she needs to be. She eats a big lunch and supper every day, and also likes McDonald’s biscuits for breakfast. We are always trying to think of ways to add some calories because she is a picky eater and doesn’t like to try new things.

Today we had her check-up with her cardiologist. We were very anxious to go since it has been three whole months since her last visit. Hannah cried the majority of the time except during the end of the ultrasound. She does not like strangers of any sort, especially ones wearing scrubs! But they were able to do an EKG and take plenty of pictures in the ultrasound. Her doctor’s words were, “She looks marvelous!” Greg and I came expecting this news, so we weren’t surprised at all! But it was very reassuring to hear that her heart is absolutely perfect and has been for several months now. So the plan is to increase one med a tad bit since she’s gained a little weight and keep the other med the same. We don’t go back for six months (April) and at that time he will consider dropping a med to get her on single therapy. He wants to see six solid months of perfect function before trying to decrease meds. The other good news is that we don’t have to do bloodwork until that next appointment. That is our least favorite thing to do! So Praise God for another fantastic report. We truly believe He has completely healed Hannah’s heart and that one day she will be free of medication.

This weekend we will be taking Hannah to the 1st annual LPCF family picnic. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet families with children that have heart conditions. We can’t wait to share the story of Hannah’s miracle to encourage others. We promise to post pictures!

New photos!

Check out the latest pictures of Hannah in the photos section. We finally got around to loading them onto the computer! Please keep us in your prayers during the next week. We have her check-up with her pediatrician this Thursday and will see her cardiologist next Thursday. We haven’t been to a doctor in 3 months, but we are believing that her heart is still doing fine. In fact, we are hoping we can get her off one of her meds.

This past Sunday, our pastor mentioned Hannah in church! He was speaking about how God still performs miracles today and briefly told Hannah’s story. It is awesome that God is still using her story, almost a year later, to touch so many lives. She IS a miracle and we will never, ever forget what God has done for us. Everyday with Hannah is a gift that we will never take for granted. We are blessed to have experienced God’s intervention so closely. Through Him, ALL things are possible!