New photos!

Check out the latest pictures of Hannah in the photos section. We finally got around to loading them onto the computer! Please keep us in your prayers during the next week. We have her check-up with her pediatrician this Thursday and will see her cardiologist next Thursday. We haven’t been to a doctor in 3 months, but we are believing that her heart is still doing fine. In fact, we are hoping we can get her off one of her meds.

This past Sunday, our pastor mentioned Hannah in church! He was speaking about how God still performs miracles today and briefly told Hannah’s story. It is awesome that God is still using her story, almost a year later, to touch so many lives. She IS a miracle and we will never, ever forget what God has done for us. Everyday with Hannah is a gift that we will never take for granted. We are blessed to have experienced God’s intervention so closely. Through Him, ALL things are possible!

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