Almost 22 months old!

Hannah continues to astound us all! She is almost 22 months old and is doing fabulous! First, the fun stuff. She is talking up a storm! It’s mostly “gremlin talk”, but she can say a ton of real words, and she knows key words and their context, like come, help, please, thank you, up, down, hi, bye, all gone, “ok”, and my favorite, “eee oooh” (I love you)! She has got to be the happiest child I’ve ever seen. We have reached the stage where we can reason with her quite effectively. Of course, like any other 21 month old, she does have the occasional fits, but they aren’t really that bad. She LOVES going outside and running around, and her favorite activity is “sing” (to swing). When we tell her it’s time to go inside, her only response is “sing”…”sing”…”sing”! She’s hilarious, a truly delightful little girl, full of joy and tons of energy.

We had a checkup with her cardiologist on April 5th. EKGs and ECHOs were all perfect. The ultrasound techs just can’t get over how normal her heart looks, that it looks perfect. And praise God, it is perfect! Her cardiologist began weaning her medications, cutting the Amiodarone dose in half. He put us on a schedule to have her weaned off the propranolol in 4 weeks. He wanted to do another holter monitor just to be sure, and the results were…perfect! Hallelujah!

Today was a milestone day — she is now completely weaned from propranolol! Praise God! She has been on this medication ever since we were discharged from Ochsner over a year ago. Now she is just taking the smaller dose of Amiodarone. She goes back to the cardiologist in two weeks for another checkup, and to decide how to proceed in weaning her from the Amiodarone.

Lori and I feel such a peace about this. We know that God is (and has always been) in control, and fully believe that He has completely healed her little heart. Last week, I heard a sermon about healing, and of course, all I could think about was Hannah. I began to pray for her, claiming victory by the blood of Jesus, and I felt this incredible peace… I felt God tell me, as clear as day, “I have already healed her!” Lori told me that about a month ago, she felt God say the same exact thing. So now instead of praying for her healing, we rejoice and thank God that He has already healed her.

Please continue to pray for Hannah, but also give thanks to God for the miraculous work that He has already done!