Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Happy 1st Birthday, Hannah!!!!!

Our little Hannah turned one year old this Thursday, July 12th. What a special day it was to celebrate the miracle of her first year! We are so blessed by her continued health and normally functioning heart. Looking back over this past year, it is so evident how God has guided our steps, in good times and bad, to get Hannah to where she is today. He has answered so many of our prayers- that the doctors would be amazed (they are!), that she wouldn’t need a transplant (she didn’t!), that He would heal the heart He gave her (He is!), and that none of her heart problems would set her back developmentally (they haven’t!). We are so thankful for His faithfulness!

It was true joy to see Hannah playing with little friends and toys at her birthday party. For so long we couldn’t get her around people, now we don’t think twice about it. She’s still a little shy and gets overwhelmed at times by lots of people. (The nursery at church isn’t going well…) But we know over time she will get more comfortable in social settings. This Tuesday she has her one year check-up with her pediatrician, and we are very anxious to see what her weight is. She’s eating a lot more solids now, and it appears that she’s gotten a bit chunkier. We’re also going to see the nutritionist this week, so pray that we will get some good advice on how to get her weight up even more. But praise God that she is eating better!

Thank you all for continuing to check on Hannah! We are still believing that she will be totally off all medications one day and that her arrythmia will go away on its own. Keep the faith!