Update – 12/31/2006

This is a short update from Paw Paw Mills.  Greg went to Baton Rouge this morning to participate in their church music.  It is amazing that the name of their church is Healing Place.  Mimi and I went into Hannah’s room this morning and she was wide awake sucking on her pacifier.  She had been reluctant to take it after having the vent tube in her mouth for so long.  She seems content with it now.  They took the line out of her arm this morning to monitor her blood gas.  They said it had been perfect and they did not need to continue to monitor it.  They took her out of her bed and let Lori try to give her a bottle.  She did not seem too interested but we will accept those “baby steps.”  Our prayers are being answered one by one so don’t stop now.  There has been over 4,000 visits to the website from all over the country (including 12 churches in Montana), Australia, the Philipines and Canada.

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