Update #2 – 12/28/2006

Hannah off the ventilatorThey removed the ventilator, and Hannah is doing great! Praise God! She looks SO much better! She’s a little hoarse, but her voice should return in a couple of days. This was such a BIG STEP! She has been off the ventilator for almost 4 hours now, and she is doing beautifully! Oh, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!!!

She still has some junk in her chest, but she’s coughing it up very well. She is still getting breathing treatments to help clear out her lungs. Her feeding tube is still in place, and she will continue to get formula that way.

Please continue to pray that Hannah keeps getting stronger and stronger, and that her heart function would get better and better! Praise God that she is doing well off of the breathing tube!

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