Update – 12/28/2006

Hannah’s heart biopsy results came back today, and the biggest news is that she doesn’t have myocarditis (viral inflammation of the heart).  That doesn’t mean that she didn’t have a viral infection earlier — that is still possible.  It’s also possible that the problem could be genetic.  A genetic problem doesn’t necessarily mean that she inherited this heart issue.  The doctors said that random genetic mutations happen all the time — some are good, some are bad, and some are fatal.  This could be the result of a bad mutation, which could have affected the tissues of her heart and their function.  All said and done, they still don’t know what caused it, but they can definitely say that her heart is not inflamed right now.

Hannah’s heart rate has been a little higher today.  She is about to start taking Carnitine supplements, just in case her heart condition stems from a metabolic issue or Carnitine deficiency (the doctors say that this is highly unlikely, but Carnitine supplements are safe).  The doctors have been testing her to see if she could safely come off the ventilator by doing CPAP (they stop the ventilator from breathing for her and let her do all the work, while still applying a slight amount of pressure at the end of her breaths to make sure her lungs stay open).  She has been doing GREAT on the CPAP tests, so they are hoping to take her off the ventilator later tonight.

Please pray that God would continue to guide the doctors and nurses taking care of Hannah, and that she will have no problems coming off the ventilator!

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