4/6/2007 – Back in PICU

Thursday afternoon we took Hannah to her cardiologist for a check-up. After reviewing the results of her third 24-hour holter monitor, it was obvious that she was still going in and out of SVT throughout the day. Even with more medication (Propranolol), the problem was not under control. So…we are back in ICU at OLOL getting her on a new, stronger medication called Amiodarone. This was the second choice med because there are some potential side effects for the future, but there is also a 30-35% chance that she could outgrow the arrythmia within the next year. This is our prayer! The specific type of arrythmia that she has is kind of difficult to control because it is so sporadic. There is a chance they could treat it in the cath lab when she is much older, but she is way too little right now. We are supposed to be discharged Saturday morning, and so far she has handled the new med just fine. An adverse reaction would be a very low heart rate, and she has definitely not had that problem. The highest her heart rate has been for the majority of our stay was 198. We are okay as long as it doesn’t go over 200 and stay that high for about 20 minutes. As usual, none of this phases Hannah. She is smiling and playing and enjoying all the attention. We are so blessed that she is not in pain. We thank God for continuing to watch over her, getting her the care she needs just when she needs it. He has always been faithful and He still is. Although we can’t see the bigger picture, He can, and we trust Him that this is what she needs to get better.

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