4/7/2007 – Home again!

We’re home! Hannah was discharged from ICU this afternoon around 1:30. The ICU doctor and the pediatric cardiology resident stopped by this morning and said she looked great. They had reviewed her heart monitor for the past 24 hours, and her heart rate seems to be more controlled. It is higher when she is active and lower when she is sleeping, just like me or you. Her average heart rate was in the 140s. It never went higher than 202, and that was when we were giving her meds. She still has periods during the day where it will go up to the 170s-180s, but that is much better than 220 or higher. So we’ll take it! Her cardiologist said we will have a better idea of how well the new med is controlling it after 30 days. This Thursday we have a checkup with him and will have to do another 24-hour holter monitor. We are specifically praying that these results WILL show MUCH more improvement. We continue to expect great things as God takes care of our little Hannah. We constantly remind ourselves that the miracle is unfolding in HIS perfect timing, not ours. The joy of the Lord will always be our strength. Spend extra time this Easter thanking Him for the greatest miracle of all- the cross.

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