3/19/2007 – Home again!

We are home!!!!!! Hannah was discharged from ICU early this afternoon. They let us go straight home without even moving out to the regular pediatric floor. What a blessing! They did another EKG this morning and the cardiologist said he was very pleased with everything he saw. I think the worst part of the whole hospital stay was when the nurse removed the dressing from her IV. Hannah did NOT like having all that tape removed from her head and she let everybody know. Poor baby! We will be giving Hannah 6 medications now, and most of the doses were increased. It is definitely a challenge to get her to take all that medicine, but we tell her how blessed we are that that’s all we have to do. No surgeries, no medical procedures, no injections, just syringes full of meds. This Thursday we will receive her heart monitor at our check-up with her cardiologist. That should be interesting getting her to wear that device all day long. But again, we are so thankful we can do that in the comfort of our own home.

God is so faithful. Friday was definitely a terrifying day, but the reality is that it just makes the miracle that much more amazing. Doctors and nurses were astonished that her heart rate was so high. One said that she’d never seen such a high heart rate. Another said that her rhythm was very unusual, unlike all the common arrythmias they’ve seen. Yet she continues to play and laugh, and even started trying to crawl today. Hannah is the toughest little cookie we know! God is still in control, and we give Him all the glory for getting us through this bump in the road. He saw it coming and prepared the way for Hannah to get the care she needed at exactly the right moment.

Please continue to pray for little Brea at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the 20 month old still battling cardiomyopathy. There is a possibility that she will have open heart surgery this week. They are considering putting in the Berlin Heart to hold her over until she receives a transplant. Also pray that health insurance and financial matters will be sorted out.

Thank you so much for praying us through this second hospital experience. Your prayers strengthen us and increase our faith.

Lori & Greg

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