Update – 3/18/2007

Hannah had a great night last night.  They don’t think she’s gone back into SVT in 24-36 hours.  They have stopped all her IV meds and have reintroduced Propranolol (the beta-blocker she used to be on).  They have also tweaked the dosages on some of her other medications.  They are going to monitor her for the next 24 hours or so, and if all goes well, we will be home again tomorrow!  Praise God!!!!!!  She will probably be sent home with a halter monitor to track her heart rate over the next few weeks.  We will have to keep a close eye on her though, because the amiodarone is stored in body fat, so it will take her body a few weeks to metabolize all of it and flush it out of her system.  So we’ll be breathing a little easier once that is over with.

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