Update – 2/5/2007

Matthew 6:34 says… “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

A few days ago, Hannah apparantly figured out that mixing her medicines in her bottles…made it taste funny. No, not just funny- bad. So she protested by not wanting to drink all of her meds, or much of anything for that matter. After one whole day of panicking, crying,  and racking my brain for a solution, I finally decided that she must be associating this “bad taste” with ALL of her bottles. Not good for a little one who is supposed to be getting EXTRA calories right now. So the following day I resorted to giving her meds by syringe, which she is definitely not a big fan of either, but 2 minutes of crying is certainly better than a whole day of worrying. After that, she took every single bottle that I gave her the entire day. Of course, her Mimi and I were praying CONSTANTLY during each feeding, and God heard each and every prayer. We praised Him with every empty bottle. He had given me wisdom to handle the problem. Thank you, Lord! He is SOOOO faitfhful. So for now, we continue to give her meds by syringe mixed with a tiny bit of formula. We’re hoping her cardiologist will have some other ideas for us at her appointment this Friday. But it works for now.

On a brighter note, Hannah is doing so many new things each day that we can hardly keep up. She is practically sitting up on her own, saying all sorts of new things (including ya-ya, la-la, hey, ha, da, ga), and rolling around. She’s started mixing up her “words” and makes funny sentences! She’s really gotten into solid foods, too- she loves eating carrots and sweet potatoes. If I gave her the spoon and bowl, I think she would try to feed herself! So praise God that she is thriving at home. Since she’s doing so well, I’m planning on going back to work February 26th, so be praying for a smooth transition. I know her Pammie will be glad to take care of her 3 days a week again! As always, thank you for your continued prayers for God to completely heal Hannah’s heart.

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