Update – 12/24/2006

We just met a couple that has 2 children in the PICU here, both having the same illness. We don’t know what that illness is, but we know the children’s names are Timothy and Aleah Michael. Please keep them in your prayers.

Hannah had another day of good reports. We were praying last night for her left lung to be in much better shape today, and praise God, it was! The nurses listened to her chest and it sounded much better than yesterday. They reduced the pressure of her breathing machine a tiny bit, as well as decreased the oxygen per breath and the number of breaths per minute (all meaning that Hannah is doing more of the work now). They increased the amount of formula she’s being given through her feeding tube, and they stopped giving her the TPN, which was a solution of nutrients that was given by IV. They also stopped monitoring her CVP (central venous pressure), because it has been stable for quite some time now.

We are still really concerned about her heart rate. While it’s considerably lower than when we got here, it seems like it’s been climbing over the last few days. Please pray that God would continue to restore her heart! He designed it, so we know that He can fix it! We are praying that when the next ultrasound is taken on Tuesday, the cardiologist will see some more improvement!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. You have no idea how much it lifts us up to know that others are praying for our little girl. Merry Christmas!

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