Update – 12/22/2006

Hannah has been a little more active today. We know she has to be so uncomfortable with all the tubes and IVs hooked up to her. It is so hard to watch her get upset, and there’s nothing we can do to comfort her. All we can do is just hold her hand, rub her head, and just talk softly to her. Because of the breathing tube, she can’t make any noise, so her cries are silent, but tears still flow. It just breaks our hearts.

They started giving her a broken down formula through her feeding tube today. It’s a tiny amount now, but that will increase as her body allows. Her heart rate continues to be great, between 130 and 160, even when she’s awake and active. She ran a fever a couple of times today, so she’s on Tylenol and two antibiotics as a precaution. They think it’s probably just environmental (she gets too hot), and urine and blood cultures have all come back negative for an infection. There is one culture for which they’re awaiting results. Please pray that this culture comes back negative as well. The last thing we need on top of her heart condition is an infection.

They will probably do another ultrasound in the next couple of days. The cardiologist said that he doesn’t expect a vast improvement in two days, and the recovery process will be a slow one if the heart is in fact recovering. We still do not know the cause of all this. We are praying and believing God that He is healing her heart. We are choosing to walk by faith and not by sight. Please pray that God would continue to touch Hannah’s heart and make it whole again. We miss our little girl so much.

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