Update – 12/21/2006

GOD ANSWERS PRAYER! Last night, we were specifically praying that the next ultrasound would show improvement in her ventricular function. The cardiologist did an ultrasound this morning, and said she looks better today than she did yesterday! The fluid around her heart is completely gone. The interior diameter of the left ventricle is still between 3.3cm and 3.5cm. He said that he can see a small improvement in Hannah’s ventricular function! PRAISE GOD!!!!

They took her off of the paralytic medication, so she is starting to move around a little bit. Her heart rate went up a little during this time, but everyone expected that. Her heart rate is now between 150-170, and she is breathing on her own, along with help from the ventilator!

One of the residents commented that we were doing surprisingly well, considering everything that has taken place this past week. We were able to share that it is only through the strength of God, trusting Him completely with this situation, and the power of prayer. We continue to look upward for hope instead of complaining inward. We are trying to share the joy we have in Christ with everyone we come in contact with — nurses, doctors, residents, staff, and other families here — and let them know that we are praying for them daily. Please pray that God will continue to touch her heart and heal her!

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