4/19/2007 – GREAT checkup!

God has heard our prayers for Hannah once again! She had a wonderful checkup with her cardiologist on Tuesday.  First of all, when they took her vitals (the first thing they always do), we were SO relieved to see that her heart rate was 118.  It’s usually around 170 because she gets irritated when they do these things.  Her sats (oxygen saturation % of her blood) was perfect at 100%, and her blood pressure was perfectly normal.  First sigh of relief. So the doctor comes in, listens to her heart, and says she sounds great!  Second sigh of relief. When they did her ECHO, her numbers were still the same as they were on Thursday (no big surprise), but at one point he said, “Wow, she’s never done THAT before…”  Of course we were on the edge of our seats, in a mild panic, when he finished his sentence.  “…This is good!”  Third sigh of relief. Basically, this is the first time he has ever looked at her heart and seen the entire heart contract together!  Back in December when all this started, it wasn’t really even beating — it looked more like a wobble or a rocking motion.  When we got back from Ochsner, it looked better, but as a whole, the heart was still out of sync with itself.  We believe that Tuesday was an important milestone for Hannah.  Now that the heart is beating the way it should be, her ventricular function should continue to improve greatly. At the end of her echo, the doctor’s exact words were “She looks absolutely marvelous.”  PRAISE GOD!!!!  WOW, He is SO FAITHFUL.  After several weeks of taking a few steps backwards, we were so relieved to be moving forward again.  We were also relieved that we don’t have to do another holter monitor at home! Her cardiologist also suggested that we see her pediatrician sometime soon and get her caught up on her immunizations. This is another big step for Hannah and we are SO thankful that she is doing well enough to get them. It will be nice to take her out in public again! Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Hannah and our family. This is quite a roller coaster, but we know that God remains in control at all times and He is taking care of Hannah. We continue to rely fully on Him!

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