Update – 1/18/2007

Hannah went to the pediatrician today for some lab work.  Everyone was amazed by how good she looks!  She now weighs 13lbs 8oz — she has gained over a pound in one week!  Her pediatrician was very impressed by her progress.  In spite of being in the hospital for almost a month, she has pretty much kept up with hitting her milestones!  Praise God!

We go to the cardiologist again tomorrow for another ultrasound and checkup.  Please pray that the ultrasound would show noticeable improvements in her heart function, and that her heart has become smaller.  In spite of all the medication she’s on, and all the incredible doctors who are looking after her, we give God 100% of the glory for this miracle!  He has orchestrated every single detail as we have gone through this test, and He has walked with us (and continues to walk with us) every step of the way.  He is so faithful to His children!

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