Update – 1/5/2007

Hannah was moved out of the PICU today into a normal room in Pediatrics!  Praise God!  She is really doing great.  She is still listed for a heart transplant, but they’ve changed her status to 7; meaning, her heart is still really sick, but her condition is improving and she’s not in desperate need of a transplant.  We can feed her however much she wants now.  We’re still learning about all the medications she’s going to be on.  She no longer needs to get the anti-clotting shots in her legs and arms.  God is SO awesome — we didn’t even think to pray that she wouldn’t need these shots anymore.  In fact, we were trying to figure out which one of us was going to have to give her these shots at home!  He even answers the prayers that we forget to pray, but He knows our hearts!  She’s on baby aspirin instead, and the doctors say there’s a very low chance of her getting a clot.  They are planning on doing another ultrasound on Monday morning, and if all goes well, we hope to bring her home Monday afternoon!

As we were leaving the PICU today, one of the doctors talked to us about Hannah, and confirmed what we have known all along — her “gut” feeling is that Hannah will eventually be taken off the transplant list, because she is going to be healed!  And this is the doctor who initially told us that she needed a new heart!  WOW!!!  Our prayer has been that the doctors would be amazed at her progress, and we believe that they certainly have been amazed!  What an awesome God we serve!

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