Update – 1/3/2007

Hannah had a great day today. She was so happy and playful! For a while there she really had her days and nights mixed up, b/c she would sleep all day and be wide awake at night. But she is settling into a nice 3-hour feed/wake/sleep routine, and she seems much happier to be back on a schedule. Her cardiologist and the intensivist met today, and they have decided that if she can successfully get off of her last IV med, then we can probably bring her home soon!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah, praise the Lord, God is faithful! Although Hannah’s heart is still not functioning as normally as it should, they think that she will be able to take her oral meds at home and hopefully continue to improve. They are not ruling out the possibility that she may need a transplant in the future, but we are believing that she will not need one, ever! And of course there are all sorts of things that “could go wrong” when we bring her home, but we are not receiving any of that, in Jesus’ name! We thank God that His grace is sufficient for Hannah. His grace is sufficient for us, and His grace is sufficient for you. Amen!

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