Update – 5/28/2007

Hannah is still doing great!  We have another cardiologist appointment this Tuesday.  She’ll be taking home another Holter monitor, which she always hates, but it’s been a while since they’ve done one and they need to make sure that her arrhythmia is still being controlled by the medication.  We are expecting to hear another incredible report on Tuesday!  Of course, we’ll post an update as soon as we get home.

As a follow up to our last update, I am more convinced than ever that this arrhythmia (AET) caused all this in the first place.  Most of the cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy I’ve read about that were caused by a viral infection resulted in a necessary heart transplant for the patient.  When we first arrived at Ochsner, everyone said that she needed a new heart, and that a transplant was almost inevitable.  I remember when Hannah was getting her heart cath, and they took those biopsies, how we prayed that it WAS a viral infection and not genetic.  Back then, we were unaware that she had an arrhythmia, and had no idea that an arrhythmia could cause Dilated Cardiomyopathy.  We were so shocked that the biopsy results came back negative for a viral infection, and almost disappointed because we had no idea what caused it.  God knew what He was doing!  In His perfect timing, everything has worked out and the pieces have fallen into place.  I asked Hannah’s cardiologist if he had looked at her EKG’s from Ochsner any more and if he saw any traces of AET.  He never noticed anything from those EKG’s.  I asked if the IV medications she was on back then could have been controlling the arrhythmia if it was present, and he replied that that is a definite possibility.

So for now, her medications will remain the same, and they will continue to monitor her heart for any signs of AET.  We are believing that they will see nothing but a PERFECT, SINUS RHYTHM.  After a while, they will begin to wean her from some of her other heart medications.  Eventually, we know that she won’t need to be on medication.  What a glorious day that will be!

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