4/16/2007 – Monitor results, praying for Tuesday

God is faithful- the last holter monitor results were good! We got a call from the resident who works with Hannah’s cardiologist. We were immediately excited because they always told us that if the doctor himself calls, the news is not good. But if someone else calls, that’s a good sign. So we were VERY relieved to hear a female voice on the other end of the phone.

We should probably explain first that we were dreading the results. The entire night that Hannah was wearing the monitor was very difficult. She was fussy like never before. We tried everything we knew to console her, but she cried and cried for several hours. This was so unusual that we finally took off the monitor thinking it must have been bothering her that much. She finally went to sleep, but we were worried that her heart rate had been too high for too long while she was fussy.


The resident said that her holter monitor results were great!  Ha!! Hallelujah!!!  Surprisingly, her heart rate NEVER even reached 200, which is a miracle in and of itself. This was especially amazing since Hannah had been SO upset.  She said that the fast heart rates might have been episodes of SVT, but after the cardiologist reviewed it, he said that her rhythm looked sinus (normal) even though it was really fast. Praise God that the new medicine appears to be working! And praise Him for showing us that even at her worst, Hannah’s heart is still okay. We KNOW God wanted to reveal this to us and we are thankful that He addressed our worries. It’s as if God was saying, “Look, I want you to know that I am still in control here, okay?” Forgive us, Lord, when we get nervous, worry, and start to doubt. We know that fear is not of God. The joy of the Lord will always be our strength. He is forever faithful.

Hannah sees her regular cardiologist Tuesday at 2:30. Please pray for another successful check-up with positive feedback. And please, please pray that Hannah will take her medicine better at home. It is getting increasingly difficult to hold her still and get her to swallow everything down. She can definitely “sense” when it is medicine time and cries, pushes us away, and tries to spit everything out. We have exhausted our bag of tricks in trying to distract her, but we are totally relying on the grace of God to help her get what she needs. We are still believing for the day when she is totally off her meds and completely healed. Our miracle is still in progress.

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