Update – 4/12/2007

Hannah had her appointment with her cardiologist’s partner today at 11. (Her regular cardiologist has been on vacation all week. He really deserved a break because we have kept him quite busy lately!) The checkup went very well. Her weight was up from a week ago to 14 pounds, 10 1/2 ounces. Maybe we will finally make it up to 15 pounds! She is in the third percentile for her weight, so it looks like she will be itty bitty. He ultrasound showed that her function is 13, which is a tad lower than where it was (at 15), but the cardiologist is certain that is because of the SVT episodes. They are hoping that once this new med really kicks in, her SVT will be under control which will allow her function to continue to improve. Initially, before she got SVT, they had told us it could take up to two years for her function to return. Now they are saying it could be 4-5 years. BUT, the cardiologist said today that he is NOT certain that she has the rare type of SVT (AET) that is difficult to treat. After looking at her EKGs in the hospital and in his office, he said that the shape of her P waves was consistent, which is a sign that she may have a more common arrythmia. This is GREAT news, because when she is a bit older, there is a procedure that can be done in the cath lab to fix it. Of course, this is only one cardiologist’s opinion, but we were very encouraged and are praying that he is right. We praise God for opening his eyes and proposing new possibilities.

Today our prayer focus is that her holter monitor results will show more control over her high heart rate and arrythmia. She has only been on the new med for one week, but we are praying, praying, praying that the results of this test will be MUCH better than they have been. We should know something by Tuesday when we see her regular cardiologist. That gives us ALL weekend to pray, so please join with us in believing that God is going to give us miraculous results and amaze all of us. He has been SO faithful and we give Him all the glory for what He has done and will do.

On a side note, Hannah is finally getting her first tooth!!! She turns nine months old today.  🙂

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