4/10/2007 – Praying for Thursday

As we mentioned before, Hannah’s checkup with the cardiologist is this Thursday. Please specifically pray that her ultrasound will show that her function is 15 or better, and that her holter monitor will show MUCH better control over her heart rate and arrythmia. Continue to pray that Hannah will eat well and take her medications. We know that our God is the Great Physician- He is guiding her doctors and nurses and healing her heart. We believe that we will get over this bump in the road and be WELL on our way to total recovery. Her miracle is still in progress and God is faithful. We claim TOTAL healing over Hannah knowing that her sickness was taken care of at the cross. Thank you Jesus for that ultimate sacrifice.

Our list of prayer requests for sick children keeps getting longer and longer. We believe that children have a special way of touching hearts and bringing people closer to God. As you pray this week, please remember these precious angels:

Sam- needs healing of the brain and restoration of motor skills

Jackson- needs total healing from seizures and restoration of vision

Brea- had heart transplant and needs a financial miracle

Austin- needs total healing of the brain

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