Update – 3/22/2007

We took Hannah to her cardiologist this morning for her follow-up appointment. We were glad to see that her weight was 14 pounds, 3 ounces. This means that she did not lose much while in the hospital! Her ultrasound showed that her shortening fraction is still holding out at 15%. We are hoping that it will continue to improve as her SVT is kept under control by the medications. We’d like to see it in the upper teens. Hannah has to wear a Holter Monitor for 24 hours. We started this morning and will take it off tomorrow around lunch time. It basically takes a 24-hour EKG. Her cardiologist is hoping to see very few rhythm disturbances, especially while sleeping. So please pray specifically for this. We are so thankful that Hannah has been feeling good all week. She is eating well, sleeping at night, and so happy during the day. Our biggest challenge right now is giving her all the medications. She is learning new ways to refuse them and has quite a lot of willpower. We just pray, pray, pray that she gets all that she needs. We are still believing that one day she won’t have to take them anymore! This bump in the road is not stealing our faith that she will be totally healed.

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