ECHO Results

Praise God! Hannah’s echo today showed that her shortening fraction is back up to 15%. This was wonderful news. She has also taken two full bottles today. She looks great and is playing in her crib with lots of toys. She obviously feels much, much better. They started her on Propranolol this afternoon, so our prayer is that she will respond to it again so that her heart rate and rhythm will remain in control. They also did another EKG and we are awaiting those results. We will probably be in ICU for several more days as they monitor her continued progress. She must be weaned from the two IV meds also.

While all of this was a very frightening and unexpected event, we are once again fully relying on God to take care of Hannah. We know He is in control and we give Him all the glory for the miracle He continues to work in her life. He is faithful and we know He has great plans for her.

Trusting Him,

Lori & Greg

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