Update – 1/24/2007

Hannah hasn’t missed a beat after being in the hospital for 3 weeks. She is SO active and is developmentally right where she should be. She reaches out for everything she sees, enjoys rolling over with a little assistance, and is working on sitting up by herself. She is practicing all kinds of new sounds and is more alert than ever. She puts absolutely everything in her mouth, so we are anticipating a few teeth to sprout up soon. We’ve started her back on cereal twice a day, and very soon we will start vegetables. We’ve got a supply of carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash ready to go. She hasn’t had any trouble gaining weight, that’s for sure. She looks plump again and her cheeks are rosy like they used to be. We can’t say enough good things about how well she seems to be doing. What a miracle! To think that just a few weeks ago she was critically ill, on a ventilator, and “probably” needing a heart transplant. Only God could have brought her this far in such a short amount of time. We thank Him for guiding her doctors and nurses in making the best medical decisions to get her back to health. They have been awesome. We are believing for positive, dramatic results on her ultrasound this Friday. We pray that her heart will continue to regain its function and that she will get off her medications one by one.  We know that our God is able! Special thanks to DeLynn for blessing us with lasagna and the works. It was wonderful!!!!

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