Update – 1/19/2007

Hannah got a good report from the cardiologist today! He said that she still looked great and was very impressed by her weight gain. He decreased two of her medications, one of which we will stop giving her on Monday. One down, 7 to go! We were surprised that he didn’t feel it necessary to do an ultrasound today, but he said they’ll probably do one next week. That just gives us even more time to improve. And all the bloodwork came back fine. Praise God! The best part of our visit was this- he talked to Hannah’s cardiologist from Ochsner, and he has apparently been talking to 2 world-renown experts on cardiomyopathy. These doctors specialize in this condition and have done tons of research on it. After hearing all the deatils of Hannah’s condition and progress, BOTH of them said that she would not need a transplant, and that she would be FINE! Wow. Amen. This is what we have been believing, but to hear those words from these experts was music to our ears. Apparently her cardiologist from Ochsner was astounded by their beliefs, because her “numbers” on the ultrasounds are still low, but we say Hallelujah that he is amazed. Let him be astounded. Let him question how this could be. Let there be no other explanation to her improvement than God alone. We give Him ALL the glory. He is faithful, He is faithful, He is faithful. And by His stripes, Hannah IS healed. Tomorrow will be a very special day for us- we are celebrating Christmas. The tree is miraculously still green, and all the Mills and Smiths are coming over for dinner and gifts. We have much to celebrate and be thankful for!

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