Update – 1/11/2007

We met with our cardiologist here in Baton Rouge this morning.  He was impressed by Hannah’s improvements!  She weighs a little over 12 pounds now, which is about a pound less than she weighed at 4 months.  He did another ultrasound of her heart, and measured the diameter of her left ventricle at somewhere between 3.3cm and 3.9cm, and her fractional shortening was measured at between 9% and 13%.  She continues to improve daily!  Praise God for the miracle He is doing in her heart!  While Hannah has shown improvements over the last 4 weeks and her outward appearance is great, the cardiologists are still concerned with the numbers they’re getting from the ultrasounds.  BUT…  No matter what the ultrasounds and numbers say, OUR GOD IS IN CONTROL!  Over the past 4 weeks her fractional shortening has increased from less than 1% to 13%.  The miracle is obvious!  They think that it could take up to a year or two on heart medications before her heart returns back to normal.  No matter how long it takes — the hand of God is on our little girl, and her heart WILL be healed in Jesus’ name!

It is so encouraging to see her playing at home!  She has really picked up right where she left off before all this happened.  She has resumed trying to roll over from her back to her tummy, and succeeded a few times tonight!  She continues to take all her medications and bottles VERY well.  We are so grateful and thankful to God for this precious girl, and we are so blessed to be a small part of the bigger miracle — God is touching lives through this experience.

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