Update – 1/9/2007

WE ARE HOME!!!!!!! Hannah was discharged from the hospital last night around 6:00 pm!! Her doctor said the ultrasound looked about the same, maybe some small improvements. But still good enough to go home! We waited several hours to get all 10 of her prescriptions. Greg and I calculated the dosages written on each bottle, just like the nurse had taught us to do. We were SO glad we did, because one of them was completely wrong! If we had not caught this error, Hannah would have gotten 4x the amount of medicine that she needed. Thank you, God, for opening our eyes!! The devil is sure trying to steal our joy, because right when we got home, before we even got in the door, I (Lori) dropped the bag of prescriptions. Only one bottle was made of glass, and it broke. Medicine went everywhere. This was her MAIN heart medication, the most crucial one that she has to take, and she was due to take it again in 1 1/2 hours. Greg started making phone calls to the hospital and several pharmacies all over town. Many did not have it in stock. But God led us to one pharmacy that did have it, and we were able to get it filled and home just in the nick of time. Whew! How’s that for some drama?! We have an appointment with her BR cardiologist this Thursday, so please pray that all goes well and that she gets a good report. Home care will be pretty easy for us- they didn’t even find it necessary to send us home with a heart monitor. Wow. God has gone above and beyond, and continues to answer prayers in His perfect timing. We stand in awe and give Him all the glory.

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