Update – 1/8/2007

We are declaring today, January 8th, as “Hannah’s Heart Day,” the day she will return home after our long journey. She had another good night last night. She slept well and has been happy all morning! They did the ultrasound around 11, so we are waiting to get the results. At the beginning of all of this, you could feel the tension in the room while the ultrasounds were being done. Today was different. There was a sense of peace and confidence. We are believing that her heart has improved, in Jesus name! Greg ran into one of the doctors at Subway today- He had seen Hannah a few weeks ago, and he literally couldn’t believe that we were getting to go home today. Our prayer all along has been that the doctors would be amazed. And they are certainly very impressed with her progress. Amen!

Thank you all for your constant support and prayers, and all the visitors that came to see us. Even the PICU nurses have come to check on her over the last couple of days! You don’t know how much that has meant to us during this season. The mission statement for our church, “a healing place for a hurting world,” has taken on such new meaning for us. We could not have gotten through this without everyone’s support, and certainly not without God Himself. We love you all, and will continue to give updates as her progress continues. We’ll be posting new pictures soon, too!

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