Update – 1/7/2007

Hannah is still doing great! On the pediatric floor, it feels more like a little hotel room instead of a hospital. We can have more than 2 visitors at a time and stay in the room overnight with her. Hannah slept really well and woke up in the best mood. She smiles at everyone that comes in to check on her. One of the new residents said that he couldn’t believe she was ever sick because she looked so great. They took an x-ray of her lungs this morning and did some blood work. Her last port (which is like an IV but the line goes straight to an artery instead of a vein) was removed, so she is officially “tubeless,” except for the heart rate monitor. Her heart rate was a little higher yesterday, but this was expected because they decreased one of her medications. Last night the nurse taught us all about her medications and had us practice calculating her doses. The process was more complicated than we thought- it even required a bit of algebra! This took quite a while since she gets 8 medications at once. We’ll definitely be getting a HUGE supply of syringes to use at home. But we are getting the hang of everything. If all goes well with the ultrasound Monday morning, we should be home free! Please pray that the doctors see even more improvement in the function of her heart. We are so confident that her heart will heal over time, in God’s perfect timing. GREAT is thy faithfulness!

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