Update – 1/4/2007

Another great day for Hannah! She is acting like her old self, just smiling and cooing, happy as can be. They took her off the final IV medicine today without any problems. Her heart rate has been normal for several days now. She is able to take all of her medications orally by mixing them in her bottles. She is still getting two injections every day to prevent blood clots, but she only cries for a moment. Her poor little legs look like she has the chickenpox from all the shots. She will hopefully be able to take baby aspirin instead soon. Thank goodness! Tonight they put her in a regular crib instead of the medically-equipped crib she was in, because she doesn’t need all of that equipment anymore! Praise God! But here’s the best news….the plan is to move her out of ICU Friday into a room in the regular pediatric unit. God is SO faithful! We are SO excited! We will be able to stay in her room around the clock and practice giving her all the medications. Then hopefully, we’ll get to go home in a few days! So tonight will probably be our last night in the hotel. We can’t believe we are finally thinking about going home. We had no idea how long we would be in the hospital, even though it seems like it’s been an eternity already. We are so thankful that Hannah will be able to continue recovering in our arms at home. Please keep praying that her little heart will improve steadily each day!

The very first night we were in the hospital with Hannah, I (Lori) remember sitting in her quiet, dark room, wondering what in the world was going to happen to our precious baby. As I prayed, I sensed God asking, “Do you trust me?” I answered yes, even though I was completely terrified at the time. Then He said, “I will walk with you.” And He has, every single step of the way. He is faithful.

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