Update – 1/1/2007

Hannah celebrated New Years by pulling out her feeding tube last night!  Not a big deal, they put it right back in.  When we got to her room this morning, we were surprised to see that she won an award!  She had a certificate AND a medal proudly hanging on the side of her crib.  It was the “Champion Nippler Award”, because she finally ate a full meal from a bottle!  Praise God!  She has taken bottles every 3 hours today.  They are now trying to give some of her medications orally, and once that happens they may remove the feeding tube altogether!  They also reduced her breathing treatments to every 12 hours.  Hannah has been in such a good mood today.  She has been resting well and is content when she’s awake.  We’ve brought lots of toys in her room to entertain her.  She has enjoyed watching four episodes of the Backyardigans on DVD today.

Please continue to pray for the ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow morning.  We pray that the doctors would be amazed at how much her heart function has improved!

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